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03/07/2015 Investment plan for Europe: EIF and BIL sign first financing agreement in Luxembourg to support innovative companies
01/07/2015 EU support for SMEs in Poland following EIF and Idea Bank InnovFin agreement
24/06/2015 European Commission and European Investment Fund mobilise EUR 500 million for social and micro-entrepreneurs
15/06/2015 EIB Group and EC expand support for innovative companies across Europe
12/06/2015 First Progress Microfinance agreement in Hungary for micro-enterprises
12/06/2015 Over EUR 22m for micro-enterprises following Progress Microfinance agreements in Croatia and Slovakia
11/06/2015 EIF and MicroBank sign first ERASMUS+ Master Student Loan agreement in Europe to support mobile master students
04/06/2015 InnovFin guarantee agreement to finance innovative companies in Italy
21/05/2015 First InnovFin guarantee agreement in Luxembourg: EIF and ING sign deal to finance innovative companies
30/04/2015 EUR 20m for SMEs in Croatia under the Western Balkans Enterprise and Innovation Facility
22/04/2015 Luxembourg Future Fund kicks off
10/04/2015 EUR 900m of EU support for French SMEs following EIF and SOCAMA agreement
31/03/2015 InnovFin support for innovative companies in the Czech Republic
19/03/2015 EU supports over EUR 50m for businesses in the UK following EIF and Orange Money (Ezbob) agreement
13/03/2015 EUR 290m in EU support for SMEs in Austria following EIF and aws agreement
18/02/2015 First InnovFin guarantee agreement in Estonia to finance innovative companies
16/02/2015 ERASMUS+ Master Loans: EIF and the European Commission launch new initiative for students
06/02/2015 EU supports over EUR 200m for businesses in Bavaria (Germany)
28/01/2015 EIB Group supports microfinance in Spain
26/01/2015 EIB-EC SME Initiative: Spain first country to implement initiative
23/01/2015 First InnovFin guarantee in Denmark following EIF and The Danish Growth Fund (Vaekstfonden) agreement to finance innovative companies
22/01/2015 EIF and Almi sign the first InnovFin SME guarantee agreement in Sweden under Horizon 2020 to finance innovative companies
23/12/2014 EIF and UniCredit Bank Serbia sign an EUR 30m agreement to support SMEs in Serbia
19/12/2014 EIF and Banco BPI sign the first InnovFin guarantee agreement in Portugal under Horizon 2020 to finance innovative companies.
17/12/2014 EIF and Bpifrance have signed a memorandum of understanding to support French SMEs and mid-caps
26/11/2014 Investment plan for jobs and growth in Europe announced today
20/11/2014 First micro-loan and leasing deal in Portugal under Progress Microfinance as EIF and Millennium bcp sign loan agreement
12/11/2014 EIF and Fondo Italiano d’Investimento sign a new agreement to support Italian SMEs through Venture Capital and Private Equity funds
11/11/2014 Bankinter and the EIF sign the first InnovFin guarantee contract in Europe under Horizon 2020 to finance innovative companies
10/11/2014 EIF awards the first Annual Achievement Award for the Baltic Private Equity & Venture Capital Industry to Swedbank Investment Management
30/10/2014 A further EUR 20m for Slovak SMEs, following JEREMIE agreement with OTP Banka Slovensko
03/10/2014 Over EUR 2m for micro-enterprises in Romania as EIF and Vitas IFN Romania sign agreement under Progress Microfinance
01/10/2014 EIF’s Venture Capital Business under new leadership
11/09/2014 Launch of the Instrument for Pre-Accession assistance Technology Transfer Turkey Project
05/09/2014 EIF and Zagrebačka banka sign first Progress Microfinance agreement for micro-enterprises in Croatia
13/08/2014 CIP loan guarantee agreement for businesses in the Czech Republic
08/08/2014 EIF and HBOR sign CIP Guarantee Agreement for businesses in Croatia
06/08/2014 Financial intermediaries invited to apply for EU finance for SMEs
22/07/2014 COSME: EIF and the European Commission sign agreement which will boost funding opportunities for SMEs
21/07/2014 Progress Microfinance agreement in Bulgaria for micro-enterprises
10/07/2014 UniCredit Bulbank and EIF sign an agreement for financing micro-enterprises
10/07/2014 EIF and CEC Bank have signed a new JEREMIE agreement
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