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Thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe have been able to start-up or expand their businesses thanks to the EIF. The entrepreneurs below have all benefitted from equity capital or loans backed by the EU provided by a wide range of financial institutions, acting locally as EIF's  financial intermediaries. 

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Vukovic Medical Group: expanding private medical services

  •  Release date: 14 January 2020
The Vukovic Medical Group was founded in 2017 with the aim of setting up a hospital and expanding the range of healthcare services offered by Poliklinika Vukovic (established in 2007). Today, the Group offers services in more than 25 specialised medical fields. “Our practice began as a small doctor’s office and, over time, has grown and developed”, explains Jasna Vukovic. “We hired more doctors and staff, and turned into a polyclinic. We are the very first private ...

CitySwift: data-driven bus scheduling

  •  Release date: 13 January 2020
“We’re seeing a lot of changes in urban transport. Car ownership is declining in large cities for example, bus sizes are varying, subscription-based transport services are becoming more and more popular, and of course there’s driverless vehicles as well. If we make better use of data, there’s a great opportunity here for everyone,” explains Brian O’Rourke, co-founder of CitySwift.

Comwatt: smart energy

  •  Release date: 23 December 2019
“There is an overproduction of energy in Europe and, consequently, a lot of costly energy waste. We want to correct this and establish a more cohesive and efficient energy system,” says Grégory Lamotte, founder of Comwatt, a company that specialises in smart energy, based in Montpellier. Comwatt – a play on words referring to the ‘watt community’ – is proposing a smart way of running your electrical appliances to maximise the use of renewable energy and ...

Le Jardin de la Clairette: back to the kitchen

  •  Release date: 16 December 2019
“Eight years ago, I was working as a chief-pâtissier. I was very happy, but I was still dreaming about setting up my own food business. One day, I decided to quit my job and move back to my parents’ house to start cooking in our family kitchen, where it all started,” explains Loïc Escamez, founder of Le Jardin de la Clairette. As a child, Loïc spent a lot of time at the market. His parents were maraîchés – they grew fruit and ...

Pop Industry: European scale-up

  •  Release date: 02 December 2019
Active in disaster situations ranging from medical emergencies to forest fires, Habock Aviation operates a helicopter fleet in a world where failure is not an option. Headquartered at the Sabadell airport in Spain, the company has decades of experience in emergency medical services (EMS), fire-fighting, rescue and mountain operations, offering a public service of critical importance.

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