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Thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs across Europe have been able to start-up or expand their businesses thanks to the EIF. The entrepreneurs below have all benefitted from equity capital or loans backed by the EU provided by a wide range of financial institutions, acting locally as EIF's  financial intermediaries. 

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Other stories

Optomed: fundus imaging

  •  Release date: 27 March 2019
 Optomed is a medical technology company that specializes in retinal imaging devices and solutions.

KAAI: carrying your life

  •  Release date: 27 March 2019
The leap from a stable job in a large organisation to starting-up your own business can be a daunting prospect and definitely takes a lot of courage. 

Ecoalf: value in waste

  •  Release date: 27 March 2019
Did you know that you could make flip-flops from tyres, backpacks from plastic bottles and down jackets from discarded fishing nets? Or that you could make clothes more UV-resistant and fast-drying with coffee waste? 

Riego y Gestión: all about water

  •  Release date: 22 March 2019
Whilst agriculture may seem like a natural and straightforward process, there are many technological nuances related to water systems that can help farmers make a more efficient use of their resources.

Learn Assembly: digital employability

  •  Release date: 22 March 2019
“At the time, we were in our mid-twenties, offering evening courses on digital competencies,” explains Sophie Cohendet, co-founder of Learn Assembly.

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