EIF for Venture Capital & Private Equity funds : how to submit an investment proposal

If you are a fund management company...

We aim at investing in :

  • Independent management teams that raise funds from a wide range of investors to provide risk capital to growing SMEs in Europe.
  • Funds targeting early stage companies that are developing or using advanced technologies in industry or services.

Besides providing you with funding, we can also help you in optimising your investment proposal, by sharing our expertise in all phases of structuring, raising and managing a fund.

Please submit a comprehensive concept paper and/or draft private placement memorandum, specifying the details below, to:  dealflow.inv@eif.org

Should the investment opportunity meet our criteria, your team will be invited to present the investment proposal at our headquarters in Luxembourg. Our teams will allocate the suitable source of funding at a later stage in the assessment procedure.

  • management team
  • investment strategy
  • track record
  • target market
  • deal flow
  • geographical scope
  • target sectors
  • fund size
  • legal structure
  • proposed terms
  • expected returns
  • other investors
  • timing of fund raising

Among others, here below some EIF's equity initiatives targeting specific sectors: 

Read more about EIF's equity initiatives targeting specific countries.

If you are an entrepreneur...

Download here the list of our equity financial intermediaries and here those operating under EFSI equity.

For information about finance available in your country under further EU initiatives, please visit http://europa.eu/youreurope/business/funding-grants/access-to-finance 


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