EIF Staff Publication "Exposed to the J-Curve: Understanding and Managing PE Fund Investments"

    Date: 14 January 2005

Euromoney Books has recently published the above review prepared by EIF Head of Division, Venture Capital Operations, Ulrich Grabenwarter, and consultant to the EIF, Dr. Tom Weidig (QuantExperts).

Exposed to the J-Curve: Understanding and Managing Private Equity Fund Investments
Publication: Euromoney Books
ISBN: 1 84374 149 0


This book presents a review of the private equity fund industry and a description of all the relevant management issues of fund investments, from a day-to-day and a portfolio perspective to indirect investment vehicles like funds of funds and securitised notes. This book includes:

  • A discussion of private equity as an asset class and its place within an alternative investment programme.
  • Guidance on investment into funds, including a behind-the-scenes look at the relationship between the fund investor and the fund manager.
  • Portfolio management of fund investments including the latest cash-flow models and their use to avoid liquidity squeezes and over-allocation.
  • An examination of the different types of risks faced by private equity investors and how these can be minimised.
  • An explanation of how investors can outsource these tasks - the relative merits of funds of funds and CFOs, listed products or secondary transactions.

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